Week 12: Doctor

DayTimeTeams PlayingResult
Monday Jan 166PM1/2S vs 6S4-1
Monday Jan 167PM8-9K vs 9S0-5
Monday Jan 168PM8M vs 3-4H0-5
Monday Jan 169PM5-12S vs 3-4K2-3
Monday Jan 1610PM10S vs 6-7H2-3
Tuesday Jan 176PM7S vs 3-11M
Tuesday Jan 177PM4S vs 8-11S
Tuesday Jan 178PM5-7M vs 1M
Tuesday Jan 179PMMDH vs 9-10M
Tuesday Jan 1710PM8H vs 2K
Thursday Jan 196PM10K vs 2H
Thursday Jan 197PM3S vs 2M
Thursday Jan 198PM4M vs 6-7K
Thursday Jan 199PM5-10H vs 9H
Thursday Jan 1910PMMK vs 5K
Saturday Jan 212PM6M Practice


Information you need to know:

The tournament will run Feb 2-5th, standard LDL Rules! Your team must contain at least five Lister residents.

Lister Residents Price: $20
Non Lister Price: $25

Registration will be on January 20th at 5 PM. Space is limited, so be on time please.

Double elimination with proceeds going to KidSport! Get excited, dodgeball is everything to everyone.
(Posters and registration sheets will be posted later this week)